SAC Data Matrix


SAC Data Matrix

Year in Review: 2016

Our Mission: Our Mission is to help homeless dogs, cats and other “at risk” animals from municipal shelters find new, forever homes. Working in partnership with our local no-kill shelter and those that are striving to become so, we rescue shelter pets, providing spay, neuter, microchip, immunization and medical care as needed. We are a resource within our community in providing expertise and education for companion animals. We hold numerous community awareness and behavioral training sessions at our local Police Department, as well as in our middle schools to educate the public on responsible pet care. We provide services such as free or low cost spay and neuter services to low income families, and TNR programs for feral cats. We are a member of the NKUT, (No Kill Utah), coalition of rescue partners and work tirelessly to help those shelter pets that are most at risk. Our vision for the future is a “no kill” nation.


1,585 dogs and cats came into our program

259 were reclaimed by their owner and 1,289 went to loving homes

Asilomar Live release rate – 100%

Calculated as follows: Live Outcomes, (1548), divided by (All outcomes, (1589), minus unhealthy, untreatable and owner intended euthanasia, (41) = (1548). 1548 divided by 1548 = 100%


We have 220 volunteers of which, 80 are fosters, including special needs fosters.

Adoptions program:

We hosted 36 adoption events in 2016 at local Petco stores, other retail establishments, community events, as well as in the Semi-annual NKUT Super adoption.


We Trap, Neutered and Released 136 cats in 2016.

Board of Directors:

Catherine Boruch

Mitchel Burns

Barb Underhill, CPA

Lisa Allison