About Us

Our Mission

With a vision to end animal homelessness and euthanasia, our mission is to rescue and find loving homes for shelter pets. Through community partnerships, education and adoption events we inspire community action and compassion on their behalf.

About Us

Paws for Life Utah is a non-profit, volunteer-run organization dedicated to helping homeless dogs, cats and other “at risk” animals from municipal shelters find forever homes. We are a no-kill advocate, who through a partnership with the Heber valley animal shelter, accomplished the important goal of achieving their no-kill status in 2013. Since then, we have expanded our reach throughout the state of Utah to rescue animals at risk. We share Best Friend’s vision for the future of a “no kill” nation.

One of Paws for Life Utah’s primary goals is to collaborate with other rescues and shelters throughout Utah to help our state become “no kill”. We accomplish this through community awareness, providing medical, spay/neuter, immunization, microchipping and education, promoting and publicizing animals available for adoption, and hosting numerous remote adoption events throughout the year. We rescue both adoptable and those more challenging to place such as seniors and special needs. We house animals at the Heber shelter, with our 78 fosters, and our boarding facility. We have 86 volunteers.

We also provide health care and other services as needed, taking the time to work with animals in need, whether it be related to a medical issue, a behavioral issue or a basic training need. We also fund and administer immunizations for all animals entering our program.

We believe that the best way to attack the pet overpopulation problem is to focus on the root of the problem – preventing more dogs and cats from being born. Every pet that enters Paws for Life Utah’s program is spayed or neutered before being placed in his/her adoptive home. We strive to educate the public on the importance of spaying and neutering. We also provide support through a TNR (trap, neuter, release) program in an effort to reduce the number of feral cats and colonies in our communities.

We rely on volunteers to keep our organization running. Our volunteers assist at the shelter in walking the dogs, caring for the cats, cleaning cat cages and dog runs, and providing love, affection and exercise to help socialize the adoptable dogs and cats at the shelter, which facilitates their ability to find forever homes. We operate the shelter on the two days a week that they are closed and on holidays and as needed. We consider our partnership with Heber Valley Animal Services a model for other municipalities and rescue organizations to work together with a common goal for reducing the homeless pet population.