The approvals are in and arrangements have been made, and you’re invited. Paws for Life Utah is very proud to be instrumental in making the Heber Valley Animal Shelter a NO-KILL shelter, and as a symbolic celebration, the gas chamber will be “put down” permanently at 6:00pm on June 12th at the Heber City Park. Join us if you’d like to watch, or for a donation you can take your turn with a sledge hammer and destroy the death machine for good.
Bash the Gas poster

Paws for Life Utah is an award winning no-kill non-profit animal welfare organization dedicated to finding homes for abandoned or relinquished dogs, cats, horses, and other animals. We operate within the Heber Valley Animal Services shelter. We provide spay and neuter, immunization, and animal socialization services. We also provide educational outreach programs within the local community to raise awareness of the homeless pet issues in the country, and the need for spay and neuter.

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