Foster Care Guidelines and Agreement

FOSTER CARE AGREEMENT Foster Care Guidelines:
  1. Foster Guardian agrees to be completely responsible for and provide a loving and humane environment that meets the needs of the pet being fostered – physically, mentally and emotionally.
  2. Foster Guardian agrees to take extra care and responsibility to ensure a harmonious and safe environment for both the pet and anyone that comes into contact with the animal at any time – especially when allowing the pet outside and introducing or allowing the pet to interact with people, children of any age, dogs, cats, or other animals, etc.
  3. Foster Guardian has been told of the animal’s known temperament and behavior and understands a pet is an individual animal with its own mind and there are inherent risks with the guardianship or fostering of any animal – there is no expressed or implied temperament guarantee. Foster Guardian agrees to be fully responsible for the pet while fostering the animal and will take necessary precautions to prevent accidents and guard against unpredicted actions by any foster animal.
  4. Notify the Foster Care Coordinator as soon as possible of any changes in the status of either the animal in your care or the foster home environment, including if the animal becomes sick, injured or missing.
  5. Foster Guardians must respond within 24 hours to all communications from PFLU.
  6. The foster animal must wear a PFL pet ID tag at all times.
  7. Foster pets must be on a leash at all times when outdoors unless in your own secured fenced yard.
  8. Foster cats must be kept indoors at all times.
  9. No foster pet will be allowed to run or play off-leash in a dog park or other open public area.
  10. During transport, the foster animal must ride inside the vehicle or in a secured and approved pet carrier. The foster animal shall not be transported loose in the open bed of a truck at any time.
  11. All veterinary visits must be pre-approved. Contact PFL for approval prior to going to a Vet, otherwise Foster Guardian will bear all costs and expenses with any unapproved visit. In addition, Foster Guardian is responsible for all expenses related to their own personal pets, including medical problems that may be related to any foster pet(s).
  12. Responsibility for or care of the foster pet shall not be assigned nor transferred to any other individual, including but not limited to “pet-sitting”, without prior approval of PFL.
  13. If you need to return a foster pet to PFL’s care, for any reason, enough notice is necessary for PFL to locate a new foster home placement for the pet. This process may take a week or more, depending on the animal, the number of other animals currently in foster care, and availability of Foster Guardians.
  14. Foster Guardian provides care on a volunteer basis and agrees to receive no pay, benefits, or compensation of any kind from PFL.
  15. PFL retains the right to remove a foster pet from Foster Guardian’s care at any time and for any reason.
  • I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the conditions of the Foster Care Agreement.
  • I understand that working with animals carries a risk of injury, and that it is possible that I, or my family, guests and/or personal animals, may be bitten, scratched and/or otherwise injured.
  • I hereby release Paws for Life (PFL) and any of its members of any and all personal liability, property damages, and medical costs while I am providing volunteer foster care.
  • By assuming foster care for any PFL animal, I am assuming full responsibility for the animal(s), including but not limited to health, temperament, behavior and care. I will indemnify, hold harmless, release and defend PFL from and against any and all actions, claims, damages, disabilities or expenses that may be asserted by any person or entity, arising out of or in connection with the health, temperament, behavior or care of the animal(s) I have fostered, including but not limited to attorney fees related to any action taken.